Price Brothers, Inc. Trim Checklist

As you contact our office to schedule Trims, please make sure that we have all of the latest information regarding the job. If there have been changes during the course of construction, please verify it with our office staff. Printable version of Trim Checklist. To ensure that your jobs are “ready” for finish plumbing, the following should be complete:

  • Water meters should be installed so that the job can be tested out. This will also prevent a return trip by our crews to wash mud out of the water lines and plumbing fixtures.
  • Concrete area(s) complete where hot water heater will be installed. A protection post must be in place if required.
  • Confirm water heater type - gas, electric or tankless.
  • If gas, confirm venting - standard vent (through the roof) or direct vent (terminates through adjacent outside wall).
  • Water and sewer lines should be run and tied in. Final inspections cannot be called and jobs cannot be tested until this has been done.
  • Interior painting should be completed before plumbing trim is started.
  • Dishwashers and disposals should be on the job the morning of the day that we are scheduled.
  • All marble/granite lavatory tops should be in place as well as any marble/tile surround installed in tub and/or shower areas.
  • All tile areas must be grouted.
  • All under mount sinks must be installed at least 24 hours before trim is scheduled.
  • Kitchen counter top should be installed and the holes should be cut and/or drilled so that the kitchen sink and valve can be installed.
  • All floor covering should be completely installed so that toilets and pedestal lavatories can be permanently set. Tile floors must be grouted to prevent breaking tiles when securing the flange for the toilet to the floor.
  • If your yard has been final graded, seeded, and straw laid. If your sod is down, your sewer clean outs will be cut to grade. The plumbing inspector and any home inspectors will be looking for these clean outs.
  • Access to job provided. County inspectors will automatically fail a job that is locked or inaccessible. 
  • Jobsite clean uppon arrival
  • Must have access to whirlpool motor for final inspection.  Please see manufacturer's website for specific information.
  • Builders are to provide water heater stands for heaters in excess of 50 gallons

If these guidelines are met, Price Brothers, Inc. will deliver a job to you that is 100% complete on the day that you requested. The job will be fully tested and ready for your new homebuyer.

It is our goal to complete our install on the first trip! Please note, you may update your job status with us 24 hours a day at 704-588-6110 or you can contact your Builder Specialist.

*No job is complete and covered under Price Brothers Warranty until we have finished, thoroughly tested the plumbing system and hung a test tag.